SB8248 Swim Spa Silver White Marble with Insulated Cover


Model Colour: Silver White Marble
Size: 4100 x 2250 x 1390mm
Balboa Controls: 3kw heater 32amp
Water Capacity: 7300L
Shell: USA Aristech acrylic
Seats: 4
Water pumps:
Swim Pumps: 3 x 3hp
Massage Pumps: 1 x 2hp
Circulation: 1 x 0.35hp
Ozonator: 1 x 50mg
Air control valve: 5
Diverter valve: 2 x 2″
Filters: 2
Insulation: All 4 sides R10
Base: Solid ABS and R10 Insulation
Top spa cover: 2 x Locks
Water jets:
Jets: Total 44
Swim – Boost jets 7.5″: 3
Rotary jets: 22
Directional hydro jets: 19
Fibre optic lights: 55 (Colour Changing)
Large LED light: 1 (Colour Changing)
Speakers: Balboa bba3 bluetooth x2 speakers and Subwoofer
Cup/Glass holders: 5
Pillows: 2


Special Orders only
32 AMP as standard
Award winning R10 Insulation
Whatspa Buy 2021
Balboa touch screen top pad
Extra thick top cover
WIFI optional
3 Step Optional
Swim tether kit optional