The SpaBerry SB6 is the Pinnacle of the SpaBerry line-up…featuring 2 full body depth Biometrically designed seats for full body immersion. The SB6 features stunning design architecture with its unique subway tile etched exterior, Black Glass LED LIT Equipment door accented by dual inset LED LIT Steps incorporated into the exterior.
The SB6 has the dual status of being both Certified PremiumBuilt™ and built to CommercialGrade™ Standards! Designed for people who want to have a unique design, like a piece of art to accentuate their environment with phenomenal looks and performance!
The SB6 is not only an architectural achievement in hot tub design it features the ultimate in massage therapy with 12,000 BerrySage™ Massage Nodules strategically placed in the footwell to take care of your aching feet after a long day and in the ergonomically designed seat backs to destress the tension from your lower back to the base of your neck as well as the seats and armrests for a complete Shiatsu experience coupled with great Hydrotherapy. Basically…wherever your body touches the shell you experience BerrySage™.
Powered by SpaBerry’s BerryFlo™ Plumbing and Pump systems, your new SB6 puts out an astounding 150 Gallons of water per minute through 16 strategically placed Therapy Jets to massage your aching muscles and filter 100% of your spa water every 50 seconds.
Every SB6 is built with incomparable design and without compromise incorporating…
BerryTough™ Skeletal Framework 100% Stainless Steel sub-structure – Built to last a lifetime™
BerryFlo™ Plumbing Increased Water Flow for Better Filtration – Quieter Operation – Increased Performance

BerryFlo™ Pumps Upgraded pump systems to provide 25% more water flow for improved hydro-therapy massage and improved water filtration

BerryTuff™ Sealed Undercarriage – For Thicker undercarriage for a longer lasting base – Improved Environmental Intrusion Protection – Increased Structural Reinforcement – Engineered to Last

BerryVac™ Custom Shell Forming Procedures – More Uniform Shell Thickness for SpaBerry Shell Uniformity – Increased Product Longevity – Improved Shell Performance Characteristics
UniBody™ Supreme Construction Advancement – With New Thicker UniBody™ Seamless Construction – Ensuring Shell Durability – Improved Anti-Cracking and Anti-Delamination Characteristics – To Keep the Heat in and the Cold out

BerryGlide™ Plus Elevated for Smoother Retractable Equipment Compartment – Making for Stronger, Faster, Easier DIY Serviceability

BerrySage™ More Aggressive BerrySage™ Nodule Design – For Enhanced Shiatsu Deep Tissue Massage – Anti-Slip Characteristics

BerryLux™ Shell Construction with Enhanced UV Inhibitors & Stabilizers – Improved Shell Color Consistency and Longevity – Anti-Stress Composition

Certified PremiumBuilt™ Engineered/Designed/Tested to withstand -72C – Built to Work/Built to Last in the most Extreme Climates on the Globe
Commercial LED Lighting Package CommercialGrade™ LED lit Jets (Large), step inserts (SB5/6) for greater illumination, safety and mood enhancement, Larger Master LED Light in the Footwell of your SpaBerry
BerryFlo™ Valve – Ergonomically placed, Variable Speed Master Valve to adjust the Water Volume of all BerryJetz™ at the same time to customize your massage from Gentle to Extreme
BerryBleed™ Air Purge Fitting – Purges all the air out of the plumbing during fill up minimizing the possibility of air locks for quicker and easier start ups