SB355L-Aurora Lights Odyssey Grey with Insulated Cover


Model Colour: Odyssey Grey
Size: 2250 x 1800 x 800mm
Water Capacity: 1300L
Power Supply: 13 / 20amp 2kw heater
Shell: USA Aristech acrylic
Seats: 5
Water pumps:
Pumps: 1 x 3hp
Circulation: 1 x 0.35hp
Ozonator: 1 x 50mg
Air control valve: 2 (New Updated)
Filters: 2
Insulation: All 4 sides Super R10
Base: Solid ABS and insulation R10
Top spa cover: Number locking
Water jets:
Jets: Total 27 Chrome & Grey
NEW LED Rotary jets: 17
NEW LED Directional hydro jets: 10
Circulation jets: 1
Big underwater LED light: 1 (Colour Changing)
Top water line LEDs: 13 (Colour Changing)
LED Waterfall: 1
Cup/Glass holders: 4
NO power cable


13 AMP as standard
20 AMP switch over available
TP500S Control Panel
BP200UX Control Box (2kw)
LED Light Jets
Carbon Fiber Style Corner Panel with LEDs
Award winning R10 Insulation
WIFI optional