The SpaBerry SB3 has the same Build Quality of every SpaBerry, Certified PremiumBuilt™ to CommercialGrade™ Standards, designed for people who want to own a well-built hot tub, have a great hot tub experience, with full body massage that fits into their budget.
We’ve incorporated 1,500 BerrySage™ Massage Nodules strategically placed in the footwell to take care of your aching feet after a long day and in the ergonomically designed seat backs to destress the tension from your lower back to the base of your neck.
Powered by SpaBerry’s BerryFlo™ Plumbing and Pump systems, your new SB3 puts out 100 Gallons of water per minute through 8 strategically placed Therapy Jets to massage your aching muscles and filter 100% of your spa water every 75 seconds.
We haven’t cut any corners on the SB3 as it comes complete with…
BerryTough™ Skeletal Framework 100% Stainless Steel sub-structure – Built to last a lifetime™
BerryFlo™ Plumbing Increased Water Flow for Better Filtration – Quieter Operation – Increased Performance

BerryFlo™ Pumps Upgraded pump systems to provide 25% more water flow for improved hydro-therapy massage and improved water filtration

BerryTuff™ Sealed Undercarriage – For Thicker undercarriage for a longer lasting base – Improved Environmental Intrusion Protection – Increased Structural Reinforcement – Engineered to Last

BerryVac™ Custom Shell Forming Procedures – More Uniform Shell Thickness for SpaBerry Shell Uniformity – Increased Product Longevity – Improved Shell Performance Characteristics

UniBody™ Supreme Construction Advancement – With New Thicker UniBody™ Seamless Construction – Ensuring Shell Durability – Improved Anti-Cracking and Anti-Delamination Characteristics – To Keep the Heat in and the Cold out

BerryGlide™ Plus Elevated for Smoother Retractable Equipment Compartment – Making for Stronger, Faster, Easier DIY Serviceability

BerrySage™ More Aggressive BerrySage™ Nodule Design – For Enhanced Shiatsu Deep Tissue Massage – Anti-Slip Characteristics

BerryLux™ Shell Construction with Enhanced UV Inhibitors & Stabilizers – Improved Shell Color Consistency and Longevity – Anti-Stress Composition

Certified PremiumBuilt™ Engineered/Designed/Tested to withstand -72C – Built to Work/Built to Last in the most Extreme Climates on the Globe
Commercial LED Lighting Package CommercialGrade™ LED lit Jets (Large) for greater illumination, safety and mood enhancement, Larger Master LED Light in the Footwell of your SpaBerry
BerryFlo™ Valve – Ergonomically placed, Variable Speed Master Valve to adjust the Water Volume of all BerryJetz™ at the same time to customize your massage from Gentle to Extreme
BerryBleed™ Air Purge Fitting – Purges all the air out of the plumbing during fill up minimizing the possibility of air locks for quicker and easier start ups