The Mont Blanc spa with ice bath offers the ideal opportunity to enjoy your spa while working on your health. The heated section offers a variety of massages to relax, while in the cold section you work on restoring and improving your health. The Mont Blanc is equipped with beautiful natural wood side and corner panels and LED lighting.

Dimensions: 305cm x 228cm x 110cm Number of People: 8 Hot and Cold Training
Length: 305cm
Width: 228cm
Height: 110cm
Aqua Rolling Massage: Yes
Amount of LED Lights in Corner Panels 2
StarBrite LED Underwater Lighting: Yes
Number of Seats: 8
Total Number of Jets: 105
Number of Air Jets: 12
Number of Zoned Air Controls: 6
Amount of Headrests: 5
Control System: Balboa
Water Capacity: 1900 liter
Dry Weight: 450kg
Filled Weight: 2350kg
Electrical Requirements: 230 V 16 Amp
Brand Passion