The little brother of the Fonteyn Kamado.
The ideal ceramic BBQ for a smaller garden or balcony.
Also ideal to take with you wherever you go. Enjoy good food wherever and whenever you want. The kamado originates from Japan and is a wood oven made of clay.
During World War II, the Americans were introduced to the kamado. Nowadays a kamado is made of ceramic and is known worldwide. A Kamado is a complete outdoor kitchen made of ceramic.
You can smoke, bake, roast, steam, grill and bake bread and pizza with it. has.
This ensures that your favourite dishes always succeed. With the plate setter turns your ceramic BBQ into a real charcoal-fired oven so that you can make a delicious smoked duck breast or perfect pulled pork.
The plate setter can also be used as a pizza stone, on which you can prepare the most delicious pizza. The robust base with handles ensures that you can easily move the BBQ, so you can enjoy delicious food anywhere in your garden.

The new Fonteyn Kamado is equipped with a Fiber gasket, which ensures that the BBQ closes better, giving you even more control over the temperature of your BBQ. This innovation also ensures that you have less maintenance on your BBQ. So that you have time for other fun things.
We say bon appétit!

Kamado Barbeque
Ignition: Manual
Fiber Gasket
Size: 54cm x 57cm x 60cm (W x D x H)
Inflammation: Manually
Barbecue Type: Kamado BBQ
Colour: Black
Fire: Fountain